Purpose is for neighbors to use awareness.

Turn on your alarm

Neighbors Being Aware!


Castle Point Community Burglary Awareness

Prevent Crime Where you Live!!!      

Most residential burglaries in the Castle Point Subdivision are: forced entry, unlawful entry, 

Burglaries can be deterred and delayed with your cooperation.  

What are: 


*Barking dogs

*Residents need to take time to be aware of suspicious noises. (Breaking glass and doors). 

*Suspects walking, riding a bike, or driving by aimlessly and often .

*Residents taking time to turn on a light, install an alarm, get a dog.   

*Try to be conscious of who lives on your block and who does not.


*Don’t leave your property unlocked, torn on a porch light!!!

*Don’t allow fence lines and bushes to grow tall for suspects to hide behind. 

*Don’t announce when you are leaving /returning to your house, or where you are going.

*The police department can provide special vacation patrol while you are away, call 355 -1200. 

*Don’t give a criminal an opportunity to roam around your property, don’t hesitate to call, 636 - 529 - 8210 let the police department do their job. 

*Do not leave your car running

*Call: 636 - 529 – 8210 (police car response) Ask for your information to be anonymous. 

*Neighborhood Police Officer R. Johnson: 314 – 438 – 4623 rjohnson6@stlouisco.com