Sports Activities

Basketball Games


A 3on3 basketball tournament will be hosted in Castle Point Park, July 2019.  We are looking for referees, coaches and individuals who are willing to help start games, keep score and have fun.  (prizes & food).  Call 314-226-0900 to register.

Announce past events


The past event on the 28th of July was a good time. Thank you, to all volunteer businesses who helped this event. Special Thanks to all police officers who was there!  

Raffle Tickets Winner !


I am happy to win this prize! Thank you to all area businesses and the Community Action Agency who made this event. I want to encourage all Castle Point residents to come out next time and have fun! 

Children Received School Bags!


Castle Point Neighborhood residents lined up to receive school supplies for their children! Thanks to politicians, Community Action Agency of St. Louis County who made this happen ! 

Share the big news


For four more years,  will we talk about a re-investment in Castle Point?  Now, the  2018 election is over, will our neighborhood plan be executed? Can he help, or was it just a campaign?

A Castle Point neighborhood stand for redevelopment!


We the residents of Castle Point say, 'enough of politicians who only have time to stop by for campaign reasons'. Where have you been for the past three years? What have you done for the Castle Point Neighborhood in your three years? Before we re-elect you again on August 7, we need to know if you're not going to forget this poor neighborhood?